Our dishes are cooked fresh to order and can be customized according to your preference. Most dishes can be made gluten free, vegetarian or vegan. Please inform your server if you have any food allergies or prefer a milder/higher spice level.




Happy Hour From 3-5PM Daily:

$5 Off Appys, $5 Wine and $5 Thai Beer


Thai Vegetable Spring Rolls $10.95
Hand rolled tightly with lots of fillings and deep-fried to perfection.

Crispy Pork Wontons $10.95
Crispy wontons with ground pork filling and sweet & sour dipping sauce.

🌶️Chicken Satays (GF) $14.95
Tender pieces of chicken breast marinated in our special spice mix, served with house peanut sauce and a side of cucumber salad.

🌶️Zucchini Sticks $10.95
Okanagan zucchini lightly coated with our house batter, served with a choice of chili lime dip (spicy!) • Extra dipping sauce $0.95

Tofu Appy (GF) $10.95
Fried tofu lightly tossed in our delicious house sweet and sour chili sauce. Topped with green onions and peanut sprinkles.

🌶️Drunken Prawns $14.95
6 prawns prepared “Drunken” style on a bed of prawn crisps.

🌶️🌶️Steamed Mussels (GF) $19.95
Plump PEI mussels in a perfectly seasoned Thai herb broth. • Coconut broth +$0.95. Add 6 tiger prawns +$6.00

🌶️Pandanus Wings (GF) Big, juicy chicken wings (no drums!) in our special house sauce. • 6 pieces $11.95, 12 pieces $20.95

Sarong Prawns $14.95 House marinated prawns wrapped in spring roll pastry served with sweet and sour sauce.

Prawn Crisps $3 Crispy and savory prawn crackers – a very flavorful snack with a cold drink!


🌶️🌶️Tom Yum (GF) $15.95
Traditional hot and sour soup with prawns, mushrooms and onions in aromatic Thai herbs.

🌶️Tom Kha (GF) $15.95
Lemongrass infused mildly spiced coconut broth soup with chicken, onions and mushrooms.

Thai Wonton $14.95
Thai style pork wonton soup with seasonal vegetables. • Tom Yum Clear Broth $15.95


🌶️House Salad (GF) $13.95
Mixed greens with your choice of chili lime (spicy!), creamy sesame or peanut dressing.
• Add chicken satays or garlic prawns $9.95

🌶️🌶️Thai Glass Noodle Salad (GF) $17.95
Mung bean glass noodles, ground pork, prawns, tomatoes and onions mixed together with lime juice, crushed peanuts, fish sauce and chilies. A uniquely flavorful Thai culinary experience!

🌶️🌶️ Laab (GF) $17.95
Thai northeastern style salad consisting of minced chicken breast, roasted rice, mint leaves, green onions and dried red chili peppers.

🌶️🌶️Spicy Beef Salad $18.95 Tender pieces of beef mixed with salad greens, cilantro, onions, spicy lime based dressing and chili peppers.

🌶️🌶️Papaya Salad (Som Tum) $20.95 Green papaya, carrots, tomatoes, green beans, peanuts, garlic, chili and prawns in tamarind lime dressing. A classic Thai dish so famous that the princess of Thailand wrote a song about it!

Main Dishes

STIR-FRY YOUR CHOICE OF PROTEIN: Chicken or Pork $17.95 Beef $18.95 Prawns $21.95 Squid $21.95 Vegan (mixed vegetables and tofu) $17.95

🌶️Cashew Nuts
Bell peppers, carrots, zucchini, celery, onions and cashew nuts with house sauce.

🌶️🌶️Basil Chilies
Bell pepper, green beans, carrots, onions in Thai basil garlic chilie sauce.

Fresh ginger, carrots, green beans, bell peppers and spinach in our special sauce finished with a touch of whiskey.

Fresh ginger, carrots, mushroom, green and white onions finished with sake.

Mixed Vegetables in Oyster Sauce
Seasonal fresh vegetables stir-fried in garlic oyster sauce.

Spinach with Peanut Sauce
Bed of spinach, bean sprouts and onions topped with house peanut sauce.

Sweet and Sour
Bell peppers, carrots, pineapples, onions in Thai sweet and sour sauce with a touch of sesame oil.

Black Pepper Garlic Protein of your choice stir-fry in black pepper garlic sauce served on a bed of fresh cabbage, romaine lettuce and garnished with house cucumber salad.

Coconut Curry (All Gluten Free)

YOUR CHOICE OF PROTEIN: Chicken or Pork $18.95 Beef $19.95 Prawns $22.95 Squid $22.95 Vegan (mixed vegetables and tofu) $18.95

🌶️🌶️Red Curry Thai red curry with bamboo shoots, bell peppers, carrots and onions.

🌶️🌶️Green Curry
Thai green curry with broccoli, carrot, cabbage, zucchini and bell peppers.

🌶️Yellow Curry Thai yellow curry with pineapple, bamboo shoots, carrots, onions and bell peppers.

🌶️Massaman Potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, bell peppers and onions in a mildly spiced curry known as “massaman”, a perfect blend of Malaysian and Thai cooking styles with a sweeter flavor and aromatic Indian spices topped with crushed peanuts.

🌶️🌶️Panang Spicy Panang curry with green beans, bell peppers, carrots and onions.

Noodles and Rice

YOUR CHOICE OF PROTEIN: Chicken or Pork $17.95 Beef or Prawns $19.95 Vegan (mixed vegetables and tofu) $17.95

Pad Thai (GF)
The most famous Thai noodle dish consisting of rice noodles, tofu, egg, bean sprouts and crushed peanuts.

Pad See-Eiw
Stir-fried rice noodles, egg, and garden vegetables.

Pad Horapha
Stir-fried rice noodles, egg, bell peppers, carrots, onions, chilies and basil leaf Pad Rad-Nah. Bed of thin rice vermicelli noodles topped with stir fry vegetables in gravy sauce.

Pad Rad-Nah Bed of thin rice vermicelli noodles topped with stir-fry vegetables in gravy sauce.

Pandanus Curry Noodle Soup (GF)
Mildly spiced yellow curry with carrots and broccoli in coconut broth topped with fresh bean sprouts, red/green onions and cilantro.

Pandanus Fried Rice
House specialty fried rice with fresh pineapple, carrots, onions, raisins, cashew nuts and a hint of curry flavor.

Chicken Satay Vermicelli Bowl
Satay marinated chicken breast on a bed of thin rice vermicelli noodles, romaine lettuce, cucumber, red onions and peanut sauce.

Steamed Jasmine Rice $2.50
Brown Jasmine Rice $3.00
Coconut Rice ++ $0.75
Steamed Jasmine Sticky Rice $3.50
Rice Noodles $3.50
Thin Vermicelli Noodles $3.50

Add On Options for Main Dishes and Noodles

  • Extra veggies $4.95
  • Extra protein (tofu, chicken or beef) $4.95
  • Extra tiger prawns $1.50 each
  • Side of peanut sauce/chile lime dressing/creamy sesame $2
  • Side of hot sauce $1
  • Side of chili oil $1


Over Ice

Pandanus Refresher Choice of Pomegranate, Cranberry, Pineapple, Orange, Apple, Lime or Lemonade with soda. $5.95
Shirley Temple (orange, pineapple, grenadine) $6.95
Virgin Caesar (Clamato Juice, Tabasco, Worchester sauce) $6.95
Soft Drinks (Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Ginger Ale, Sprite) $3.95
Milk (plain or chocolate) – No Ice $3.95
Perrier (500 ml) (Plain, Grapefruit or Lemon) $5.95


Thai Iced Tea (choice of lemon or milk) $6.95

Thai Rose Tea (choice of lemon or milk) $6.95

Honey Lemon Brewed Iced Tea $6.95

Thai Iced Coffee (with or without milk) $6.95

Virgin Margarita (Pomegranate, Cranberry, Pineapple, Orange, Apple, Lime or Lemonade) $6.95

Milk Tea/Coffee

Thai Milk Tea or Coffee $6.95 Mango Milk Tea $6.95 Strawberry Milk Tea $6.95


Watermelon Shake $7.95 Coconut Shake $7.95 Virgin Pina Colada (Pineapple and Coconut) $7.95 Virgin Margarita (Pomegranate, Cranberry, Pineapple, Orange, Apple, Lime or Lemonade) $7.95 Add ons for any of the above items (not recommended for milk based drinks)

Passionfruit ++$0.95 Mango Popping Pearls ++$0.95

Hot Drinks

Coffee/Decaf $3.95
Tea (Jasmine, Thai Rose Tea/Genmaicha) $2.95
Specialty Tea (Chai, Peppermint, Earl Grey, Chamomile, Wild Berry) $4.95
Hot Chocolate $4.95
Hot Water With Lemon $0.95

Fully Licensed – Call for Wine List and Cocktail Availability